Holiday Spending Planner

For many military families, money can be tight around the holidays. We want to help you stretch your dollar further this year, which is why we put together the Holiday Spending Planner. It offers a wealth of information, from blogs and articles that can help you save money, to financial calculators that can assist you in tracking and planning your spending, and even some charitable organizations to consider for your holiday giving.


Our video takes a fun look at some of the holiday “do’s and don’ts” for folks in the military, from smart ways to pay for gifts, how to handle unit functions, and even making sure to stay in shape.

2018 Holiday Spending Survey results

We received responses from more than 400 service members and spouses to get a feel for their financial confidence and holiday spending habits. Check out the results and see how they compare to previous years.

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Online Calculators & Budgeting Apps

Clearpoint_IconClearpoint provides a free, interactive calculator to help you budget for the season. Between gifts, parties, travel, food, and everything in between, the costs can add up quickly. Don’t forget to save your ID code so you can return later.

Mint_IconMint (iTunes™ and Google Play™)—This free financial tracker from Intuit is one of the most popular financial apps out there.

You_Need_A_Budget_IconYou Need A Budget (iTunes and Google Play)—Learn how to make your money work smarter and plan for the unexpected.

Wally_IconWally (iTunes)—Manage your spending habits proactively so you can stick to your budget and take control of your finances.

Fun Holiday Links

The Season For Giving

It’s better to give than to receive, especially to those who need a hand up during tough times. The following are some charities we’ve partnered with in the past to consider for your holiday giving:

HSP_amillionthanks_logo    Homes For our Troops    PPSDLogoColor 

HSP_Fisher_House_logo        HSP_Operation_Homefront     Thanks USA

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Learn about some of the key findings of our 2018 Military Holiday Survey.

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Big List, Little Budget?

Pioneer Services offers affordable personal loans that could put more merry in your holidays.

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