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Military Spouse Finance GuideWe’ve compiled a wealth of essential information sure to serve your family and your financial future. Plus, an e-book to guide you through!


Military life is about much more than just serving your country: It's also about serving your family. Whether you’re just starting a family, dealing with the challenges of everyday life in the military, or are planning for the future, a military loan from Pioneer Services could help.

Many moments of family life are precious, but making the most of them can be expensive. We understand. At Pioneer Services, our military loans for family life expenses make it easier to afford whatever lies ahead.

Helping You With Life's Surprises

Our loans for family life are available to all ranks and branches of the U.S. military, including active-duty, career-retired and medically retired service members. Military veterans and members of the National Guard and Reserves who have had a loan with Pioneer Services in the past are also eligible to apply. It's a smarter way to borrow for whatever your dreams may hold, from getting engaged to traveling home to share the good news, to simply making ends meet.


Getting Engaged or Married

Tying the knot can be among the happiest moments of your life. Finding the funds for the big day can be difficult when you're busy with military service. A personal loan for marriage or engagement costs could help you get the money you need to buy a ring or cater the reception.


Planning a Family

Sometimes, when you’re trying to start a family or hoping to add to it, it's not always easy to find someone to lend you the money to help you welcome your new bundle of joy into your home. A military loan for planning your family could help you do just that.


Education and Student Aid

Planning for your life after the military is a wise move. When your GI bill doesn't quite cover all the fees, a Pioneer Services military loan for school costs could help close the gap. Whether you're studying now, or plan to take courses soon, Pioneer Services could help make your future even brighter.


Military Travel Loans

When you're stationed here, but your loved ones are there, a military travel loan from Pioneer Services could bring you together. Whether it’s by train, plane or automobile, a military travel loan can get you the funds you need to get there, fast. With terms that won’t slow you down.


Bills and Short-Term Help

You know the old saying: It seems there are more bills in the month than money to pay for them. We know the saying too. That’s why we offer loans for bills and short-term financial needs to tide you over when money is tight.


Military Debt Consolidation

Life in the military is filled with challenges and distractions. That last thing you need on your mind is keeping track of bills. Our debt consolidation loans for military could help you pull all those into one payment. You may even save money by doing it!


Military Family Emergencies

There's no such thing as a small emergency, especially when it happens to you or your family.  When unforeseen circumstances call for immediate action, you may need extra money quickly. Pioneer Services can provide a military emergency loan to help. 

Loans from A Leader in Military Lending

Pioneer Services has provided financial services and proven financial advice to members of the armed forces for more than 25 years. Our educational programs, resources and tools have helped over 1.4 million active-duty and career-retired service members get smarter about managing their money. And our loans have helped them get the funds they need fast, with fixed terms and a 15-day risk-free guarantee. It’s a smarter way to borrow, and a smarter way to think about money.