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15-Day Guarantee

Our personal loans are backed by a 15-day, no-risk guarantee.
If you find a better loan with another lender or change your mind and no longer need a loan, you can cancel your Pioneer Services loan with no obligation and no cost to you.
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Whether you apply for a Pioneer Services Military Loan online, or by phone, you have the option of getting immediate access to your money within seconds of closing your loan. No more waiting for your funds like you would with other lenders; Pioneer Services could get you the money you need, when you need it—and exactly how you want it! 

There are plenty of reasons to apply for fast military loan, and multiple ways to get your money if you’re approved. You could get it instantly via an Online Prepaid Mastercard, or you can have it deposited directly into your bank account. You could even split your loan amount between the two options—whatever works best for you. If you choose to apply at one of our select office locations, you could walk out with a check the same day!

3 Ways To Get Your Money


instant access

Get instant access with an Online Prepaid MasterCard® for online payments & purchases.



Have your money transferred directly into your bank account without leaving your home.


In Person

Apply in person in select locations. If approved, you could walk out with a check.


Receive your funds via an Online Prepaid MasterCard®, and use it immediately for online payments and purchases:

  • Funds placed on a virtual card accessible online
  • Funds are available immediately
  • Used for online purchases or payments
  • Initial $4.95 charge*
  • Have your first plastic card sent to your home for free

* For a complete listing of free services and all potential fees related to the prepaid card, click here.

Direct Deposit Funds In your BANK ACCOUNT

Have your money deposited directly into your personal bank account to enjoy the convenience of spending however you like:

  • Funds deposited directly into the bank account you specify
  • Funds transferred within 24-48 hours
  • No charge

3 Ways to Apply


Apply online anytime from your computer, mobile device, or tablet.

Apply Now


Call any time to apply with a friendly customer service representative.


In Person

Visit one of our office locations. If approved, walk out with a check!