Pioneer Services invests in education for Marine Corps families

In their continuing effort to improve the quality of life of the men and women of the Armed Forces, Pioneer Services Representatives recently assisted Marine Corps families with a $5,000 donation to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation (MCSF).

"We work with Marines and Marine families every day as we try to improve their quality of life and financial independence," said decorated Marine Corps veteran Tom Parks, the Military Affairs Officer for Pioneer Services. "Supporting the MCSF is a great way for us to help Marine families with education costs and achieve that independence."

Started in 1962, the MCSF provides scholarships to the children of current or former United States Marines, and to deserving sons and daughters of current or former United States Navy Corpsmen who have served with the United States Marine Corps.

"We deeply appreciate our sponsors and local committees," said Chris Randolph, president of the National Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, at the presentation ceremony Sept. 19. "The work you do here and the donations you've made will help deserving children of Marines and former Marines make college a reality."

In this year alone, Pioneer Services Representatives have donated approximately $50,000 in scholarships to military families. They have funded jazz scholarships at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music, Health Sciences scholarships at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and University of South Alabama-Mobile, and also contributed to the Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund.