Pioneer Grants a Holiday Wish for Disabled Soldier at Fort Hood

Online Crowdfunding Campaign Provides Ft. Hood WTU Recipient Space To Recover With Family

The holidays are time for giving. To do its part, Pioneer Services teamed up with the nonprofit A Million Thanks and its Grant-A-Wish program to make one soldier’s wish from the Fort Hood Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) come true this year. The company’s Ft. Hood office is leading an online crowdfunding campaign to “Grant-a-Wish” for SFC Jorge Velez, who suffers from severe PTSD. 

SFC Velez is currently assigned to the WTU in Ft. Hood, TX. Previously, he was deployed to Afghanistan and stationed at Camp Phoenix where he was injured by a VBIED. He is separating from the Army this month due to severe PTSD and other conditions. His wish is to remain connected to his family despite his injuries, which limits his ability to interact with them outside the home. An in-home “family-social” type space, with an entertainment console, television, or gaming system would allow him to not only interact with his wife and children, but also utilize audio/visual relaxation programs that help him come down from a hyper-aroused state and provide a sense of security.

“Pioneer Services is pleased to be able to help grant the wish for this disabled service member from the Fort Hood region,” stated Tonia Ross, regional manager for Pioneer Services. “We are excited to team up with A Million Thanks in leading this effort for SFC Velez and his family, and encourage others in our community to support this holiday campaign.”

Pioneer Services works every day to show its appreciation to military families, as they have for nearly 30 years. For more information on these organizations, go to or