2018 Military Spouse and Families Survey Highlights Financial, Personal Trends

Survey Findings, Results Infographic & Blog available at MAM18.info

In recognition of Military Spouse Appreciation Day (May 11), Pioneer Services teamed up with AmeriForce Media to identify trends and issues of importance to military families. The 2018 Military Spouse and Families Survey builds upon previous surveys Pioneer Services has undertaken with partners like NFCC, Military Spouse Magazine, and others.

The 2018 online survey of approximately 250 military families inquired about family, financial, and lifestyle issues. Some of the results were surprising, improving in some areas and falling in others compared to 12 months ago, with all compiled in an easy-to-read Results Infographic.

Key highlights include:

  • 82% of respondents said a potential financial emergency was their biggest concern (a 22% increase over 2017)
  • 7 out of 10 are spending the same or more than last year
  • Almost 50% do not expect their spouse to still be serving in two years (a whopping 230% reversal from 2017) 
  • 23% have more credit card debt than 12 months ago. Nearly 1 in 3 has more than $10,000 in credit card debt.

The survey results and findings, along with the Results Infographic and a Blog, are all available on Pioneer’s website at MAM18.info. Findings from the 2018 Military Family/Spouse Survey are being shared with military leaders, policymakers, and military advocacy organizations to generate greater awareness for military families and the issues they face.